Return to the Red Rocks. Day -2: Pre-departure Checks

(At home)

22 November 2022

And so it begins. All of the washing, planning, list making, folding, and packing. Suitcases are lined up ready and waiting on the spare bed. The fridge is starting to look a little bit empty. The British weather has turned wet, miserable and gloomy. It must be nearly time to go on holiday!

I’m very out of practice. Three years since we last went to the USA. Yes, we have had a few small trips away in the last few years, but nothing longer than a week. And they’ve all been in the UK. I’m hoping that, by now, airport security recruitment is properly up and running (although there are threats of strikes by UK border patrol in time for our return), and that security queues in late November are going to be back within the realms of the pre-pandemic experience. Forms have been completed for the airlines and US immigration, but we can’t check in quite yet. That’s on the plan for tomorrow. In the meantime, I only came downstairs to get the first aid kit, so I’d best be on my way back to the spare room with it, before I forget why I came…back to the packing!

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