The Mighty Six. Day 16: Closure.

Leaving JFK, we have previously experienced long delays in waiting to take off. The pilot even warned us of this today. It was therefore quite a pleasant surprise when the engines revved up just 25 minutes after pushing back. Once airborne we had been warned of turbulence but, except for a few moments that weren’t really that bad, it was a fairly smooth flight. The reason for the possibility of turbulence was that the captain was making the most of a strong tailwind… up to 160mph. This meant that our speed got up to around 700mph and we arrived an hour early, just two movies, dinner and breakfast later, after a 5.5 hour flight time.

We got to see the lights off New York when we departed, as well as Boston and other places along the eastern seaboard, before crossing the Atlantic.

Once back in the UK, it took only 10 minutes to get to and through customs, our luggage was amongst !!!the first out, there was no traffic on the way home (hardly surprising for that hour on a Sunday) and we had showered and were in bed by 7am! We had got up in Las Vegas early on Saturday morning and, in Vegas, it was still Saturday…

I will edit this to add some video links in for the outstanding walks and rides later this week. In the meantime, it’s time for some rest for us!

Editor’s note:

Video of our mountain biking in Moab is here.

If you’d like to see the video of our walk along the rim at Grand Canyon, that can be found here.

The next day we did the hike to Cedar Ridge.

And finally, we rode the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Bye again!

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