Strath Spey 2021. Day One: Outbound

Sunday 26 September 2021.

(Home – Cumbria)

Outbound once again, after 430 days!

Our first main holiday for nearly 2 years… And it seems as though little has changed, at least as far as packing goes. I started getting my clothes and belongings together and had already filled half the bed before Andrew even had chance to start. We’re only going for one week! It just goes to prove my theory that it doesn’t matter how long we’re away for, we still need a lot of stuff to (hopefully) do the things we want to whilst we’re away.

With all of our cases ready, and having filled boxes and bags with supplies of food, we loaded everything into the car and set off for our overnight stop-off at Auntie’s house in the northern Lake District.

The weather on the way up was sunny, or rather, we were in the sunshine, but all around us were dramatic and dark clouds, which kept moving just enough to avoid loitering above us. We had just a few spots of rain in Cumbria, but otherwise it was very bright. In terms of traffic, the run up the motorway was remarkably quiet and we had no delays, so we arrived before mid afternoon and spent a pleasant afternoon and evening, eating chocolate muffins, catching up as the sun shone, and watching as a strong wind continued to move the clouds quickly across the distant hills.

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