The Pioneer Loop. Day T-1: Transfer.

19 September 2018.

(Location: Manchester-Heathrow)

Finally! The cases were packed, lids closed, luggage straps attached and adjusted. The car was loaded, fridge emptied and we were ready to depart. All by around 8.30pm…and just a four hour drive ahead of us…

With Storm Ali blowing vigorously I had checked that Woodhead Pass was not affected. It was closed to high sided vehicles but not cars, so off we went, for all of a mile and a half. My check at 8pm had failed to discover that it was closed anyway for roadworks from 8.20pm onwards… ah well. We turned around and decided on going via the M6 rather than Snake Pass to the M1. The traffic was fine, but it is slightly soul destroying to spend so long going through roadworks after roadworks.

After a brief stop on the M6 toll (coffee/coke – delete as applicable) we were on to the M40 and full speed towards Heathrow. We arrived at the Premier Inn at 00.40, quickly parked, checked in, dragged luggage to the room and I was between the sheets by 1.00am. Alarm is set for 6am…eek!

Room no. 1. Premier Inn, Heathrow.

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