Return to the Red Rocks. Day 12: Rim Trail Views.

(Grand Canyon Village, Arizona)

5 December 2022

I didn’t sleep as well as I’d wanted, but we didn’t get up early, and we had a coffee before going for breakfast. I made the most of the peace and tranquillity of our balcony while Andrew was getting ready. You can’t see the rim, but you can smell the pine trees and, shortly after 1030, you can hear and see the Grand Canyon train as it arrives in the village.

We walked to the bus stop and got the very empty shuttle to the visitor centre, where we browsed the Grand Canyon Conservancy shop before walking to the rim. The rim was initially a bit busy, near to the main car parks, but it did thin out as we walked further out. The views looked just the same…big!

We paid attention to the’ trail of time’ with its geological exhibits. I think phantom granite was one my favourite types of canyon rock, but unless I ever get to the bottom of the canyon, I’m unlikely to see it in situ.

We stopped for lunch snacks and tea with a view. It was nice that some of the locals stopped still long enough for me to photograph them.

Then we continued until we reached the village, continuing past the historic buildings and returning to our room, only about 3 hours after we’d left it.

We then got the car and drive to some of the viewpoints up the Hermit Road. The shuttle doesn’t run up there in December, so it was different to be able to drive it. We spent the longest time at Pima Point, which is possibly my favourite place. You can see the canyon disappearing into the distance, see large sections of the river, hear the roar from the rapids far below, hear the beat of a raven’s wind as it flies past to perch in a tree, and the peace was beautiful. Serene.

Then it was a short drive, passing deer munching on grass and mules in the corrals, to get to the general store for the usual critical supplies…energy bars, crisps, beer and soda water. All nutritionally valid for hiking in the desert!

Since then we’ve rested, dressed to go out for dinner (4 layers and a head torch, as all the best dressed people wear), had a reasonably early dinner in the Maswik cafeteria and we’re now ready for bed. It’s 7.32pm…!

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