Return to the Red Rocks. Day 4: Snowline.

(Springdale,Utah – Bryce Canyon City, Utah)

27 November 2022

I finally seem to be adapting to the time zone, as I slept until 0630. At this rate, we might have to set an alarm clock soon! A leisurely start, though, with a coffee in bed, before showering and packing and loading up the car. There was frost on the windscreen. Our first stop was to fuel up the car, and our second was to fuel up us – we had decided that we couldn’t leave without a scramble breakfast at Cafe Soleil.

After that, and a 20 minute queue to get into the park, we drove through the tunnels and Zion East, where we first reached the snow line, before reaching highway 89 and turning north.

This road winds through the Sevier valley, a high plateau, which was dusted in snow. The meandering river was frozen at the edges and the outside temperature was barely above freezing.

We headed for Red Canyon and looked for the trailhead to the Cassidy Trail. We missed it on the first pass, but after another look at the map, we found it at the second time of asking. It was very hidden and it wasn’t surprising we didn’t spot it when headed east. We walked about a mile along the trail, which was partly frozen, partly snowy and partly gloopy mud, before turning around and walking back down the wash. As for the paw print, I’ll let you research that!

After eating a snack bar, we continued up to Bryce Canyon. It was a bit too early to check in, so we parked at Sunset Point and took a little wander along the rim. The canyon is even bigger than we remember, and a lot deeper too.

We checked in at Ruby’s Inn, and unloaded our cases into a lake view room. The lake is frozen over, so much so that some people are walking on it. After a brief rest we had dinner in the restaurant, and then headed back to our room. Before we got too comfortable, we stepped back outside and took some photos of the night sky above the lake.

Then it was time for blogging, and bed.

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