The Mighty Six. Day 10: Grand Canyon Arrival.

(Editor’s note: Wi-fi is as slow as expected. We have arrived safely at Grand Canyon. Further updates as internet permits.)

It was a rather relaxed packing up and departure session, partly due to the 12 noon checkout time! We were gone before 11am, but stopped in Moab so that I could buy a t-shirt I spotted a couple of days ago.

Once we were under way we didn’t get too far down US-191 before encountering roadworks, which resulted in is being stopped for about half an hour. I’m not sure if it is by design or accident, but they are blasting rock, which currently covers half the road.

After that we passed though Monticello before stopping briefly at Blanding to swap over driving duties. Then it was through Bluff, Mexican Hat with the San Juan River, Monument Valley with the classic road shot (avoiding running over people stood in the middle of the road to take the photo), past the familiar sight of Agathla Peak, to Kayenta, where we stopped for fuel, a quick sandwich and a French vanilla coffee (essential for road trips!). Back on the road it was straightforward driving over to Tuba City and Cameron, where the light was fading fast. A second driver change put Andrew back at the wheel for the final section into Grand Canyon. Despite it being nearly dark, we stopped at Desert View for a look at the canyon.

Then it was time to continue on to Maswik Lodge, check in, have dinner and write up the blog in the off chance we may be able to upload the text at some point…

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