The Pioneer Loop. Day 5: Rest.

I know that this will come as a surprise to regular blog readers, but today we did very little. We relaxed. We rested. We read books.

We also admired the Springdale scenery, and we drove a little bit. Um…we had lunch at Cafe Soleil. Dinner at Pizza & Noodle. Did some laundry. And that’s about it!

The sign outside the pizza building, which also houses an outdoor clothing shop, amused me, although my reasons for wanting it to be a bit cooler are perhaps different!

We shared a table at dinner (note to those familiar with the layout: we have been eating in the back room where the bar is, as it had some air con, rather than the front patio, which was just hot) with ‘Chris’, an American who likes football, in particular Manchester City. We shared tips on trails, National Parks, and places to see and he was good company. We did take our leave promptly though, which meant a final chance to see the sunset as we walked back.

Oh. And we popped outside to spot the space station, complete with iPhone photos to prove it. It makes it seem a small world…by the time we were settled back in our room it was half way to Europe!

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