The Pioneer Loop. Day 2: Southbound.

21 September 2018.

(Location: Salt Lake City-Springdale, Utah)

Woke up at 12.30, 3.15 and 5.05. Not going back to sleep that time. At 7.17 Andrew was also awake and opened the curtains so I could make coffee.

After that was the customary start of trip repack of the cases, showers and a hotel breakfast. Andrew then spent a while cleaning the cars windows so that they were a lot less smeary. All the better for taking photos , at least until they get too many bug splats.

We left and went to REI, taking the surface roads rather than the Interstate so we could see a little of SLC. Another store for our REI collection! We spent quite a while browsing. I eventually bought some shorts (which was the plan), Andrew some tops (also the plan), and us both a belt and a water bottle for the new bikes…

This video doesn’t exist

Shopped out, we decided to leave Dillard’s for another day and headed south, stopping at Denny’s south of Provo for lunch.

The air was smoggy today and as we travelled south we saw a lot of wild fires in the mountains. Once past these, visibility was good except when farm vehicles were in the nearby fields, kicking up dust.

The scenery changed with red creeping in to the rocks. Eventually we left I-15 and turned towards Springdale.

We arrived at about 6.30pm and checked in. We had planned to go out for tea but I wasn’t feeling too well, a continuation from Monday, so Andrew popped across to the supermarket, taking the usual sunset photo on route. I was in bed by 7.30, getting some needed sleep.

(Editor’s note: scenic photos to follow shortly when downloaded).

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