Wharfedale Wanders. Day 1: Mullions Nook.

(Home-Buckden, North Yorkshire)

26 September 2022

Our trip started mid afternoon, having packed enough stuff for three weeks… Too be fair, we’re only had a small duffel each with clothes in. The rest of the ‘stuff’ was food, drink, rucksacks, hiking boots, trekking poles, beer…you get the general idea. After a quick stop at Tesco’s for a few essentials (eggs, bread, chocolate), we were headed north towards Yorkshire.

The traffic was ok, and we were in the right Dale by around 4.30pm. We continued north, past the turn off for Grassington, and up progressively narrower roads. Despite being almost the middle of nowhere, it felt like we’d arrived at whatever passed for rush hour, and encountered traffic going the opposite way wherever the road got particularly narrow. Arriving in Buckden, I directed Andrew to turn down an even smaller lane, and shortly on the left we spotted our designated parking space. The barn we are staying in, Mullions Nook, was on the opposite side and we went to explore it first.

The entrance is up some stone steps, and once inside you’re in the living and kitchen area. The bedroom in back downstairs. It is a lovely place, very large and spacious and I think we’ll be very comfortable this week. We brought in all of our belongings and I unpacked the food and acquainted myself with the kitchen, before we had tea and a muffin.

After a while we headed out to the local pub, the Buck Inn, for dinner. This turned out to be tasty and huge. We won’t go hungry that’s for sure.

Back at the Nook, we settled in for an easy evening and an early night. (I write that statement anticipating the early night, as I’m already yawning and it’s only 8pm…).

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