Mountains and Canyons. Day 18: Blue Skies


(Location: Denver to JFK Airport)

The plane pushed back just a few minutes late at 1212, despite being a full flight and the large number of people who insist on bringing on board roller suitcases, which more than stretch the definition of “carry” on. The pilot did a fast taxi and we took of at 1225, with a 3 hours and 5 minutes flight time to New York. 

My thoughts of eastern Colorado and then then Kansas are that they are flat. Really flat. There may have been some variation on the ground, such that if you were cycling  you might still find enough of a hill, but from the air, mostly just flat. 

The meal was served early in the flight and while eating it I saw a plane whiz past in the opposite direction, but much too quick to photo. I suppose we had a closing speed of 1,000 mph or so! The flight path took us along northern Kansas and into southern Nebraska before crossing the…Missouri (?) River. It was definitely a large river, and I’m trying to remember my American geography. I’m not that good on the ‘middle’. We then flew across the top edge of Missouri, before Illinois, Indiana and Ohio up next. It got cloudy after the river, obscuring views of the land, and a bit bumpy, but luckily only for a short while. 

Er…Spoke too soon. Indiana turned out to be mildly bumpy just like Illinois. The sun started to sink lower as we reached the western edge of Pennsylvania. Almost as exciting, the crew brought a snack basket around. I had my first banana, normally a daily occurrence, for over 2 weeks!

A smooth landing at 1729 EST, right on schedule. I had figured that the hour before boarding of our next flight would be just about enough to transfer terminals and go back through security again. However, as a bonus, we landed at the international terminal and only had to go for a 10 minute walk along the concourse. I’m so glad to have avoided another queue! And now we just wait for the Virgin flight to take us home…

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