Mountains and Canyons. Day 10: Hermit to Mohave

(Location: Grand Canyon National Park)

(Editor’s note: no likelihood of photos being added until Tuesday…but there are some pretty ones!)

The day dawned bright(ish) and early. A little too early as far as Andrew was concerned. Still, he mustered out of bed after I provided coffee and we made good progress towards breakfast and getting a shuttle bus up the Red Route to Hermit’s Rest ready to hike. The canyon looked good, both from the shuttle stop and along the way from the bus.

We set off down the Hermit Trail. It is steep. And rough. And I don’t think either of us were feeling abundantly filled with energy. So, after 1.25 miles and nearly 1,000 feet of descent, and with the same again to go to reach Santa Maria Springs, we decided to quit while we were ahead and turn around and climb back up. Slowly.

Here is the video of slow: Top of the Hermit Trail.

I should mention the weather at this point. Technically it wasn’t really cold. But the wind was 20mph+ and the wind chill was significant. I have to say, I just felt battered at times and wished I could turn the wind off. The scenery was still good, even if the uphill was hard. We met a backpacker who was just climbing out of the canyon after 8 days of solo hiking and he was interesting to talk to.

Back on the rim we detoured to Hermit’s Rest and purchased hot chocolate and cookies…so good! With our sugar levels lifted we decided to get the shuttle bus one stop down the road and then walk from Pima Point to Mohave Point, about 4 miles. Apart from the wind, it was a pleasant walk, although we had both done enough by the end.

We caught the bus back to the village and watched the sunset near the Kolb Studios building, before heading back to our room.

We then drove to the General Store to top up on snacks before returning for showers and dinner. On the way we had a brief emergency stop as deer half bounced across the road…that is, they fully bounced but stopped half way, right in front of the car! The sky is partially covered by cloud so no star photos tonight, for which I’m quietly grateful as it is still windy and feels very cold…at least this way I don’t feel guilty about turning in and settling down for the night!

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