Mountains and Canyons. Day 4: Across the Mountains 

(Location: Rocky Mountain NP to Glenwood Springs)

A slightly earlier start, as I got up and made coffee at 0730. We showered and packed before going for breakfast. It was a great view from our table in The Egg & I. 

I walked over to Safeway for a few essentials and then we loaded up and headed for the park. 

We had decided to walk to Albert Falls, a 2 mile hike. As expected there were no spaces at the Glacier trailhead. Unfortunately there weren’t any at Bear Lake either. In fact, cars were queuing just to get in the car park. We turned around and headed back to Moraine Park and to the Cub Lake trailhead. Luckily there was space to park. 

We set off along the trail, which crosses moraine left from a long ago glacier. Of course, this means it goes up and down a bit. It was beautiful. We loved it. It was relatively quiet and peace. It was just a shame that we didn’t have time to hike all the way to Cub Lake. I need to come back. There is still so much to see.

Back at the car we drove to Estes Park, got some fuel, snack bars and local beer (for tonight) and then set off in part one of the road trip, heading for Glenwood Springs. There was congestion almost immediately, but that turned out to be due to a herd of Elk hanging around the picnic area. I drove for about 2.5 hours, before stopping briefly at a scenic viewpoint at Frisco to hand over to Andrew for the last 90 miles.

Our motel tonight is the Hanging Lake Inn and it’s really nice, exceeding my expectations. And the Wi-fi is speedy! 

We dropped our bags into the room then headed to a Village Inn diner, which we spotted on our way in, for food. Then it was back to the motel by 1930, and time for that beer, blogging and watching the Mexican Grand Prix!

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