Reverse Circle: Closure

(Many days later: at home)

We did make it home. The flight was fine, although discovering upon waking that Donald Trump had won the election did leave a sense of disbelief and made us wonder if we were really awake.

Virgin don’t feed you as much on the way back as the expect you to sleep. I was particularly mugged to discover that the vegetarian tray that I was given didn’t get either cheesecake or cheese and crackers. Instead, I got five pieces of fresh fruit. And when I say ‘pieces’, I mean a segment of pineapple, a slice of orange, one strawberry and two blueberries. Worried about later starvation, I happily ate Andrew’s pudding for him when he confirmed he didn’t want it. 

The biggest challenge though is not the travelling home, it is going to work the next day. I had to be on the 6am train from home to go to London. Oh joy! Particularly when I got there to discover the client he decided that my presence wasn’t required… I think I need a holiday!

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