Reverse Circle: Revolution and Readiness

(Day -1: at home)

If you count not being at work, then today is already the start of the holiday, so it seemed only reasonable to have a bit of a lie in. My first task was to book the taxi for tomorrow, which I decided I could do from bed using the app on my phone. Only problem was I needed my credit card from downstairs. Ah well. Shower then. After that I had another go at booking the taxi. Failed again, three times. Went for the old fashioned method and phoned them up. Sorted.

Other tasks included online check-in of both our flight and our car hire, both of which went more smoothly. And so, with travel tasks done, and Andrew having finished some house cleaning, it was time for Revolution. by which I me a, Revolution Cycling.

We had booked tickets for the afternoon session having decided that going to the evening might be a bit tiring before travelling. It was a good meeting. Fewer spectators, so we picked where to sit rather than having to find our actual allocations, and the atmosphere was a mixture of excitement and chilled relaxation, which was probably just what I needed to stop me wondering whether everything else was/would be sorted.

Back home, we finished packing, sorted out the hand luggage and electrical stuff and then had a relaxing evening. Tomorrow, we go on holiday!

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