Reverse Circle: A Slight Obsession With The Weather

(Day -3: at home)

It really doesn’t make any difference. It is not as if a bad weather forecast is going to stop us going. But, perhaps because I’m British, I just can’t help looking at the prospects for rain…

A week ago, when the forecast for Grand Canyon first became available, it was for a sunny 19C day on Monday, our first hiking day. Since then, it has changed. Firstly it became 80% chance of rain. Then it was 40% rain. Now it is 60% rain with thunder and lightening…perhaps it might be safer to take a rim walk rather than descend out into the middle of the canyon along Cedar Ridge…

I guess we will have to wait and see. The good news is that I have now located my temporarily errant waterproof trousers and have added them to the packing pile, so a bit of rain shouldn’t stop play. And it is looking pretty dry for the next day and the rest of the week, which is as far as the forecast goes, as we move on to Moab. Hurrah! Now, I just need to find somewhere selling the sun lotion we use…

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