Canyons 2015: soaring heights

Observation Point. I’d forgotten just how demanding the downhill switchbacks are. But first things first…

We had a good night’s sleep and I didn’t get up until after 7am, to shower and make coffee. While Andrew was showering I completely unpacked and repacked the suitcases, so that we could now find things more easily. We headed out to breakfast to the Cafe Soleil which is just a short walk away. It was 4 degrees so we ate inside…

The breakfast was excellent, and if I have it again tomorrow (highly likely!) I will take a photo, but it comprised little roasted potatoes, covered with scrambled egg, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and a little cheese. Very tasty.

Suitably fortified, we got our kit together and drove to the main canyon. Yesterday was the last day for the shuttle bus service, so today you could (had to) drive yourself to wherever you wanted to be. We drove to the weeping rock car park and we’re lucky to find just one space left. 

We set off up the switchbacks. You climb around 900 feet in a little over a mile. The plus side is that you rapidly get some great views.

The route continues through Echo Canyon, which was cold today,before winding through the back country.

 Once we reached the second set of switchbacks which take you up to the rim, the sun was upon us and we quickly warmed up enough to take off our extra layers. Once at the rim it is a mile walk around to the Point. We were surprised to see some snow patches wherever the sun didn’t reach.

We spent a little while at the edge looking at the view (and taking group photos for other people) before setting off back down the path. 

 I had forgotten how hard it is on the legs to spend two hours just going downhill, much of it quite steep too. At least the changing light meant spectacular scenery which kept me from thinking about the tired legs and feet.

 After the hike, all 8 miles and 2200 feet of climbing, we drove back into town to the cycle shop. I was on a mission to buy another cycle jersey, as I have one from there which it’s my favourite because it fits so well. Mission accomplished. I’m now ready for more cycling!

After that we sat outside our cabin and relaxed watching the sunset on the Watchman. Then it was showers, dinner and bed. Really tired from both the walk and, probably, the travelling and time zone change. Hope I sleep well!


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